Buying instagram followers – Trying tricks and running in circles

People and businesses use Instagram to establish online presences. Having many followers on Instagram signifies social credibility and influence.

Pitfalls of buying followers

Buying Instagram followers seems like an easy shortcut to inflate your numbers and get more real followers organically later. But more often than not, these brought followers to turn out to be bots or inactive accounts, which does little to increase real engagement on your profile. Worse still, using third-party services to add fake followers goes against Instagram’s terms of service and risks getting your account suspended.

Follower numbers initially go up when you buy them, but soon it becomes apparent that the bought followers do not like, comment on, or share your posts – all clear signs of fake accounts. Not only does this fail to improve your Instagram presence, but it also tips off real users about the authenticity of your profile and makes them less likely to follow you. The lack of genuine engagement causes your content to not show up on your real followers’ feeds as much either. So buying followers usually leads people to run in circles trying more questionable tricks to increase followers and engagement, often resulting in their accounts eventually getting banned by Instagram without achieving any real benefits.

Spotting fake followers

While some third-party sites selling Instagram followers have gotten better at making the fake accounts they provide look more realistic, there are still some telltale signs that help spot them:

  • No profile photo, posts, or basic bio info
  • Bot-like usernames with random strings of numbers or letters
  • Suspiciously high followings to followers ratio
  • No engagement or comments on posts despite a high follower count
  • Mass follows or unfollows other accounts within short periods

how to buy instagram followers? So before deciding to buy Instagram followers, think about whether you want a high percentage of fake inactive accounts just showing inflated numbers rather than real followers who care about your brand.

Instagram routinely scans accounts for policy violations and fake activity stemming from practices like buying followers or inauthentic engagement via bots. If caught, Instagram outright disables your account without notice or shadowban you – where your content will not show up on any real followers’ feeds without you realizing what happened. A deleted or shadowbanned account means losing any legitimate followers and credibility you had managed to build up. Even if you manage to evade the initial ban on bots, Instagram followers bought from third-party providers still cause issues down the line by behaving unnaturally or continuing similar prohibited activities across the broader platform that draws Instagram’s attention. So by buying fake followers, you always risk suddenly losing the account you worked hard to grow at any moment.