Micro Business and Banking

Once home, Brian receives an email letting him know that that their Orlando ePass is also known as ultra-secure™ meWallet® System idPlayer™ and idFob™ smart devices (idGadget™ devices) and that they can be used at numerous websites for authentication, payment and downloading 소액결제현금화 of tickets. He is also sent a list of stadiums, cinemas, venues, shopping malls, stores and restaurants that accept the meWallet® System’s idGadget™ devices He is also informed that he can have this same technology physically integrated in a newly announced meWallet® System enabled smart cell phone.

Brian also learns that he can use the idFob™ device, connected to his PC via its USB port, to authenticate himself at the Tickethub or eBay website and can securely pay with his idFob™ device for the Rolling Stones tickets that he just purchased. He can also download the digital tickets electronically to his idFob™ device and iPhone and use them to get into the concert. When he downloads the Stones tickets and enters the concert venue, he is also given customized digital coupons for fan merchandise and food at the venue. After the concert he uses one of his VIP coupons to purchase a micro SD card with a video of the entire concert at a special booth in the venue for his kids.

By using his idFob™ device and iPhone™for online single sign on authentication and transactions he no longer has to type in usernames, passwords, contact information or credit card data. His data is always secure since everything traveling between his idFob™ device and the rest of the world is encrypted at military levels. Vendors and venues are sure that their customer is who he says he is since Brian is the only person that can make his idFob™ device with iPhone function.

Brian is also able to load his children’s allowances into their idPlayer™ devices. He is able to set special parameters in the idPlayer™ device to control their spending and purchases online and at the shopping mall.

If one of his children’s idPlayer™ devices is lost, it is no problem. A record of everything in the idPlayer™ device is on a secure server and the idPlayer™ device can be quickly and easily replaced with exactly what was in it when it was lost. Since the registered finger print is required to activate the idPlayer™ devices, no one can use the lost devices.

When Brian and his wife go grocery shopping, they now go first to the grocery store website. Brian’s wife connects her idPlayer™ smart device to the computer and authenticates herself at the site. She is immediately offered coupons that relate to her families preferences. She can download, to the idPlayer™ device, all the coupons she wishes to use. At the grocery store all coupons are redeemed automatically at the checkout. She can also pay with her idPlayer™ device. During check out, she is also given new personalized coupons and offers from the grocery store and associated merchants.

Next year, Brian’s children will be able to use their idPlayer™ devices at school to pay for lunches and to access special areas of the school campus.

Brian and his family use their idPlayer™ and idFob™ devices almost every day for just about all their online and off-line transactions. At work, Brian is able to securely move encrypted files from one computer to another and to access controlled areas of the company network using his idFob™. He and his wife also use their idGadget™ devices to access their eBay accounts. They can even securely download some of the money earned from their eBay business directly from their PayPal account into their idPlayer™ device. Brian’s wife chooses the DVDs to rent at the Yahoo.com website and downloads the rental codes to her idPlayer™ device. At the local Safeway, she picks up the DVDs at the Movie Kiosk by taping her Orlando ePass to the reader on the kiosk. The kiosk delivers her DVD rentals and sends her additional personalized coupons for use at the Safeway while she is there as well as offers for discounts at the Zazoo.com Shopping site. The whole family uses their idPlayer™ devices as mp3 and mp4 players as well. They can now pay for and then download mp3 music files to their idPlayer™ devices at their favorite online music vendors all with the same little device and all with complete security.

As the years go on, Brian and his family will find that they are able to use their ultra-secure™ meWallet® System idPlayer™ and meWallet® System enabled cell phones in more and more locations and for more purposes including a variety of loyalty programs. Their idGadget™ devices become their driver’s licenses and secure passes for the FastTrack line at airport security.